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#SatchmiFever Is One We Had A Hard Time Sweating Out

#SatchmiFever Is One We Had A Hard Time Sweating Out

It’s been two years since Satchmi put up their flagship Megamall branch and established a place where people can reliably find vinyl records and turntables in this generation. On September 24, the brand threw one of the tighest (literally, and figuratively) birthday bashes for its store’s second anniversary.

The place was packed with a good many music fans around the Metro as Satchmi put on Toni B, Tandems ’91, and No Rome (whom you need to get on the bandwagon of right quick—actually, you need to get on all of these artists’ wagons), all tied together by the lovely host DJ Candy Gamos, for a night of great sounds and just celebrating the store for being around to give us our vinyl fixes. The fact that it was pretty hard to move around the store that night stands as a testament to just how good Satchmi is at what it does for the people.

And giveaways like a pair of Focal One Headphones, a lucky partygoer getting a brand-spankin’-new Motorino, an across-the-board discount on all the records that day, and of course, free booze didn’t hurt as well. Attractions other than the music include the launch of Film Folk, an awesome new Satchmi loyalty card, and Satchmi beers. Let me say that again: SATCHMI. BEERS. (What else doesn’t Satchmi have, at this point? Picnic tables?)

If Satchmi throws this good a party at their second birthday, then we can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year. If you didn’t make it this year, you missed out, and you’re gonna have to wait a while for the next bash. While we’re all waiting, though, you should go and drop by—even if you’re not gonna go buy a record, you can just go there and sample their cafe menu. It’s a pleasant surprise.

Photos by Cecile F. Forbes for Satchmi


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