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Is a Lando Calrissian series with Donald Glover happening?

Is a Lando Calrissian series with Donald Glover happening?

Our favorite omnipresent dude Donald Glover is ruling the interwebs—like always. But instead of getting desensitized by his name, we want to know what’s going on—like always. And if you dig the Lando Calrissian version of him, then you’re in for a treat.

On Twitter, fans have been speculating the possible return of Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian role in “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” According to pop culture publication Complex, this stems from a video of YouTube channel Kessel Run Transmissions in their latest “Star Wars” podcast.

Apparently, they shared a scoop about Glover possibly fronting as the smooth-talking Lando in his own “Star Wars” series. Though it can be taken with a grain of salt, Donald Glover fans are already claiming it as the channel was previously right when they teased about “The Bad Batch,” a “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” spinoff series even before its official announcement.

NME adds that this new Lando-focused “Star Wars” show could be under Disney+. But Collider reports that other details remain under wraps, as a Disney representative hasn’t confirmed anything as well. If anything, we just want to see Glover kicking it in his own series. It’s what we deserve.

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