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Wednesday’s latest collection is a statement on “support local”

Wednesday’s latest collection is a statement on “support local”

Local streetwear label Wednesday releases a new collection with a message reflecting on the “Support Local” phrase. We hear the phrase everywhere, in music, in business, and even in the local streetwear community where local brands are popping up everyday. But Wednesday, in its lengthy post introducing the collection, problematizes the phrase and asking if the phrase has lost meaning because of its “irresponsible” use.

Ballsy move for sure, but also a much-needed wake up call to everyone in the streetwear game. Who else to bring up a conversation but a label from the inside?

The Flying Lugaw joins in the conversation with his own piece on the matter:

The shirts come in the following colorways: Royal Blue/Yellow, Red/Yellow, Seagreen/Yellow, Canary Yellow/Black, and Red/Black.

Take a look at the collection below:

Photography: Joshy Pascual
Models: Angelo Alpasan and Cleo Shelley Colon
Edit and Layout: Raniel Moraleta
Production: Kieran Francisco

Find more about Wednesday here.


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