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Unleash your inner pretty guardian with Colourpop’s Sailor Moon collection

Unleash your inner pretty guardian with Colourpop’s Sailor Moon collection

Colourpop’s latest power move will have anime fans feel quite seen. The LA-based makeup company just announced its latest crossover collection and its none other than the biggest anime babe with the power—Sailor Moon. 

Dropping on Feb. 20, the Colourpop x Sailor Moon is bringing kawaii to a makeup collection near you. Colourpop’s latest collab will have eyeshadows with mattes and shimmers, lip duos, and glitter gels to complete any daily makeup routine or to bring out your inner moon prism power. 

The 12-pan eyeshadow Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow palette has an array of matte neutrals, shimmering golds, and classic pinks and purples inspired by the anime’s aesthetic. It has hues named after Tuxedo Mask’s famous flower and even one named after Usagi’s cat, Luna. The lip duos are called Moonlight and Daylight, while the four lippies are Bunhead, Moon Tiara, Usagi, and (obviously) Sailor Moon.



Moonlight and Daylight will contain a glossy formula and Colourpop’s iconic blotted lip. And yes, this collab will have blush-ons to match Usagi’s hard-to-miss flush. The collection will have two pink-toned blushes, From The Moon and Cat’s Eye, as well as pressed powders with Luna’s cute face greeting you before you open it.

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This collection won’t run out of Sailor Moon references to keep fans happy. And by the looks of their preview videos and photos, the quality of the product doesn’t bank on nostalgia alone—it really does look pretty bomb.

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Colourpop isn’t the only one collaborating with our pretty guardian this year. Just last month, Skechers also announced a special Sailor Moon collection. It seems like a lot of brands want to work with this iconic anime character. Here’s to hoping we’ll get to see more Sailor Moon drops this year. Hopefully, Uniqlo won’t be her last clothing collab (nudge, nudge).


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