GOT7’s JB proves songwriting skills in new comeback and music video “You Are”

By Denise Fernandez

Looks like more and K-pop idols are getting the freedom to produce and release their own music to the public as not just Soundcloud-released mixtapes, but actual albums and comebacks for promotion. Groups like BTS, EXO, VIXX, and others are putting out their own self-written title tracks–something that didn’t usually happen in the early years of the genre’s globalization. The new norm seems to be more member-produced singles and GOT7 is following suit.

The seven-piece K-pop group just came out with their album 7 for 7 (which includes member participation for all songs), with the title track and music video “You Are.” The new single was actually co-written by leader JB himself, along with other songwriters Mirror BOY, D.ham, and Mun Hanmiru. This also marks the first member-produced comeback song for GOT7.

The music video itself was released earlier today, showcasing bright visuals that match the track’s cheerful pop tune. Watch the full video here:

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