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This Scene From Planet Earth 2 Reminds Us Nature Is Savage And Awesome

This Scene From Planet Earth 2 Reminds Us Nature Is Savage And Awesome

by Lex Celera

Nature can be so hardcore.

The above video is a snippet from the first episode of the latest season of one of the best nature shows ever, Planet Earth, presented and narrated by Britain’s national treasure David Attenborough. It’s a marvel how this encounter got filmed, let alone filmed beautifully. The whole thing acted out like a scene from a Jason Bourne.

But it’s not some work of fiction. It’s real life, and mind you, that marine iguana who just Usain Bolt-ed out of a bajillion snakes was a hatchling who was born less than a minute ago. The first thing that young Rango saw was his brother or sister losing his or her life. Nature is so metal.

Planet Earth is a behemoth of a show, and Planet Earth II might just trump it’s predecessor, with more than a hundred filming trips to 40 countries over a span of three years under its belt. Remote cameras planted in the harshest of environments captured moments that were deemed impossible to shoot.

Watch this show for two beautiful reminders. Number one, the world is a terrifying place for both humans and animals. Number two, the world we live is a large, beautiful, magnificent place. Let’s all take a moment to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty. Despite the difficult issues the human rice is facing (and boy are they difficult), to paraphrase a Calvin & Hobbes quote, our lives feel so much smaller when looking at infinity, from the stars far-away to the grains of sand in our beaches. Like the iguana in the video, and to quote Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park, life…finds a way.

Check out the rest of Planet Earth II’s latest season here:



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