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We’re Finishing Strong With The Scout x UST Campus Tour

We’re Finishing Strong With The Scout x UST Campus Tour

Last month, we paid a visit to DLSU and Ateneo one week after the other. We had a grand time, guys, thank you for the love. We’re ending our Scout Campus Tour run this year with the last—and definitely not the least—stop, the University of Santo Tomas.

So everyone from the Big Three schools knows what to expect when we come ’round. For those of you who don’t know, we’re here to break it down for you.

Damn good music (once more, with feelings)

We’re joining the CFAD Week celebrations on Friday, and they got their own acts, but we’re bringing you La Luna, a band that’s homegrown UST through and through. Give them your love, for they’re you’re very own (and not to mention they’re awesome, too).

Still on those free donuts

Krispy Kreme still wants to give you a lot of free donuts, and you get to design what it looks like! You’d also do well to check out what our friends from Havaianas and Dermclinic have to offer you (hint: they just want to take your photos and make your skin look reeeeally good). Pioneer will also be joining us to keep it tight.

Win an action camera, on us!

We’re throwing a contest so you can get your own action cam! Keep peeping our social media accounts to find out what you have to do, and send in your entries!


The November-December 2016 issue of Scout with the lovely Lauren Reid on the cover will be available, and all our fam over at UST can get the first crack at it! You don’t wanna go find it at bookstores, and we know you won’t be satisfied with just the digital copy either. So come through if you wanna get yours!

TL;DR: free food, games, good music, a chance at a nice action cam, and dibs on #ScoutSugarLauren. You don’t have to skip classes (that’s bad) but you do gotta go to school. See you there from 12 to 10 p.m., and do not forget to take lots of photos! It’s a must. Use the hashtags #ScoutCampusTour and #ScoutCampusTourxUST.

This event is presented to you by Hinge Inquirer Publications, the official publisher of Scout Magazine, and co-presented by the UST College of Fine Arts and Design. Special thanks to our event partners, Krispy Kreme, Havaianas, Dermclinic, and Pioneer. See ya!


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