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2016 Was A Bad Year, But At Least We Had Good Music

2016 Was A Bad Year, But At Least We Had Good Music

If only the music released this year was as good as the year itself. Local music is thriving. New artists are breaking out. In the world of pop music though, the numbers have never been bigger. Spotify has the deets:


Billions Of Views From The Six

For the second year in a row, Drake was the world’s most streamed artist with over 4.7 billion streams this year, more than doubling his record of 1.8 billion streams last year. In fact, Drake is the most streamed artist of all time on Spotify with over 8.7 billion streams.

Drake may have the most streamed track and album for 2016, but locally, The Chainsmokers are king. In the Philippines, The Chainsmokers is the most streamed artist, followed by Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, the top 3 most streamed tracks that Pinoy music lovers have been listening to this year are all from The Chainsmokers namely “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Roses.” Additionally, Top Hits Philippines has finally gained more than a million followers this year.

Hugot Is More Than A Trend

From the Five most popular playlists in the Philippines this year, #Hugot stands out the most with the others being playlists for top hits. What is it with us and feels?

Five Most Popular Playlists

  1. Top Hits Philippines
  2. Today’s Top Hits
  3. It’s a Hit!
  4. #Hugot
  5.  Morning Stroll

Genres Are Weird

Hold up, 2012 called. Witch house is apparently still a thing, according to Spotify. It made the list to 2016’s emerging genres, alongside other music genres you probably haven’t heard of. 2017 take note.

Emerging 2016 Genres:

  1. Ambient Fusion
  2. Witch House
  3. Indie Emo
  4. Underground Latin Hip Hop
  5. Baile Funk
  6. Dangdut
  7. Hoerspiel
  8. Speed Garage
  9. Brazilian Gospel
  10. World Meditation

Data is a beautiful thing sometimes, and when it comes to music, it’s cool to know what everyone else is listening to. There’s a ton of other interesting neat stuff over at Spotify’s breakdown of 2016, including the most popular in playlists, artists by genres, artists by gender, and many more.


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