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The National Museum of Natural History opens on International Museum Day

In celebration of International Museum Day this May 18 2018, National Museum of the Philippines opens the forthcoming ‘National Museum of Natural History.’ Showcasing the treasures of the archipelago, the museum widely buzzed the internet a few months back when it opened itself to the public for a one-day viewing.

The new building exhibits its all-white grandeur of architecture to best fit its role as a repository for the beauty of the naturally rich Philippines. This serves home to the country’s natural embellishments: flora and fauna, endemic species, and the preserved remains of Lolong, the world’s largest crocodile.

National Museum of Natural History will be the fourth wing in addition to the National Museum complex along with the repurposed National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Anthropology. In line with the government’s advocacy to educate Filipinos about their land, heritage, and history, all fees are free. Perhaps this instills nationalism in the youth during an era of post-colonialism.Photos by

Ariel Raquitico


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