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We Asked Nadine Lustre What She Thought Of “Beat Energy Gap”

We Asked Nadine Lustre What She Thought Of “Beat Energy Gap”

Around the turn of the new year, “Beat Energy Gap,” James Reid’s dance-y electro-R&B jingle for MILO, astoundingly went viral.

You know how Filipinos have a knack for taking any song and dubbing them over the right videos? That’s what happened here—at the height of its power, everyone was singing energy, energy gap all the time. It’s pretty hard to blame anyone, though, since the Thyro Alfaro-penned jam is a legit earworm.

Hell, even metal drummer Joey Muha couldn’t resist covering the song:

So when we had a chance to talk to Nadine Lustre, we couldn’t resist asking her what she thought of her boyfriend’s viral hit. Naturally, at that time she was already annoyed—but only because James himself kept singing the damn thing during their ‘Till I Met You tapings.

“I can’t take it anymore! Kasi sa taping, everyone is singing it!” Nadine exclaims, playfully. “I love Milo—I drink it every day, I drink five cups a day. Tapos nung naririnig ko nang everyone was singing the Energy Gap song, sabi ko, ‘Ayoko na mag-Milo!’ (When I heard that everyone was singing the Energy Gap song, I said, “I don’t want to drink Milo anymore!”) Even James, he’s singing it all the time!”

However, she did end up conceding that the song was written well if it got this much traction. “They’re known for making viral songs, really catchy ones. So it’s really good.” It’s just what naturally happens when music, among other things, gets overplayed and overexposed. And it just so happens that it’s the good melodies that are the ones that end up catching fire.

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