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Nothing Beats A Classic University Fair

Nothing Beats A Classic University Fair

The ideal outdoor music festival is probably the following: a) peaceful — you don’t have to check your pockets and backpack every few minutes; b) empty of any fuss whatsoever — you know a music festival is good when all eyes are on the stage; and c) accommodating — diverse food options, lots of fresh air, and good rest rooms.

Last February 15, UP Fair: Haraya got it all right. At any time during that whole afternoon of good music you could be at any place in Sunken Garden and still enjoy.

Whether you’re up close with the rest of the crowd,

chilling by the side,

or checking the booths out back, UP Fair: Haraya delivered a comfy but also alive fair experience. The reason why UP Fair always delivers is probably because everyone has a clear idea of what it’s supposed to be. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any surprises at UP Fair: Haraya though.

Our favorite? When Raimund Marasigan got balloons and a birthday cake for 19 years since his first UP Fair performance. One for the books, man.

We can’t wait for next year. University fairs are a staple of the college experience, really, but that doesn’t mean us graduates can’t get in.

Photos by UP Iris. Find out about UP Fair: Haraya here.





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