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Misery + Comedy = A Drag



A Sisyphean task is something that you can never accomplish, or something you can never hope to even get done, a futile effort. Examples of this would be trying to get a cat to love you, taking a dick pic that you are happy with, or trying to be content in life. How this term came to be was because of the story of Sisyphus. He was a king who got punished by Zeus for his hubris. Zeus’s punishment was that He made Sisyphus push a boulder up a hill for all of time. Zeus made sure that whenever Sisyphus almost reached the top, that the boulder, which Zeus enchanted, would roll away, somehow. And Sisyphus had to do it all over again and again for eternity.

So avoid Sisyphean tasks if you can. To me, engaging in social media is a Sisyphean task. What you try to show on social cannot possibly encompass all of who you are, yet every day, we try. I figured I wanted to show that this week. I hope we can commiserate about it together.

By Rob Cham

Rob Cham is an illustrator, comic book creator, friend. You can check out his work on his website,, and find him @robcham.



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