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What makes the “gig life” the best life



Gigs are a communal experience. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a “me time” well spent, these live performances will make you feel like a part of a bigger picture. What makes a gig worthwhile is more than just seeing musicians live. It’s singing your favorite track with a crowd of strangers as everyone enjoys an ice cold brew at hand.

This one feeling that only a great gig could bring lives on in San Miguel Oktoberfest’s Inuman Sessions. Watch collaborations from the local scene’s finest musicians in this nine leg bar tour. Even the ones living the broke life will rejoice, this tour is for free and your first ice cold beer is too.

Over 30 artists are in the lineup, ranging from different genres. Tom’s Story, Sandwich, Bullet Dumas, Hale, Munimuni, Mayonnaise, Sponge Cola, Reese Lansangan, Clara Benin, and The Ransom Collective are among the few acts to watch out for. Expect to hear unlikely yet amazing collaborations that no other lineup can dream of.

The first leg of the tour started with a back-to-back gig last September 19. What better way to kick this off with local music’s finest? Makati’s 2020 had Clara Benin and Munimuni serenaded the crowd.

And for the gig rats in the north, Mow’s had Reese Lansangan and The Ransom Collective, fueling the crowd’s need for some upbeat folk-pop. September 26 Inuman Sessions had two alt-rock fixtures in their lineup. Sandwich and Cheats rocked Saguijo that got the crowd headbanging the night away.

What would these collabs sound like? We’re not entirely sure. But uncertainty is what makes gigs worth staying up late for. Gigs are about drinking with friends, discovering new favorite bands, and maybe finally watching your idols live.

You can bet that Inuman Sessions will give us the best gig experience and more this Oktoberfest. Be updated with this bar tour’s schedule here

October 10, 2018, Wednesday, Main Street / Main Artists: Mayonnaise and Lions & Acrobats
October 10, 2018, Wednesday, 70’s Bistro / Main Artists: Sponge Cola and Leanne and Naara
October 17, 2018, Wednesday, Route 196 / Main Artists: Orange and Lemons and She’s Only Sixteen
October 24, 2018, Wednesday, Checkpoint / Main Artists: Bullet Dumas and Tom’s Story
October 24, 2018, Wednesday, The Social House / Main Artists: The Dawn and Keiko Necesario

Check out the official San Miguel Oktoberfest Facebook page or download the official OktoberPHfest 2018 app to catch exclusive events and promos. There is a buy 1 take 1 beer every Friday across 2,000 outlets nationwide. Plus there are still hordes of official San Miguel Oktoberfest events that are free entrance and has 1 free cup of beer for attendees!



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