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We found the perfect clothes suited for your upcoming fall travel plans

We found the perfect clothes suited for your upcoming fall travel plans

By Vera Cabanos

In this godforsaken weather we’ve been having recently, it’s actually pretty bearable to wear jackets and sweaters right now without anyone melting into puddles of sweat. Last Thursday, Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo, launched their newest Fall/Winter ‘17 Collection, and boy, were they filled with cute sweaters and coats we all wish we’d get our hands on.

The fast fashion brand has been recognized for rubbed elbows with a number of big-name creative directors in the fashion industry before. For their newest collection, Uniqlo collaborates with the Irish creative director to JW Anderson and Loewe, Jonathan William Anderson (yes, the JW Anderson, everyone).

A believer in the ‘democracy of fashion,’ JW has rebelliously commented on the high strung fashion industry before, “If luxury is a form of elitism I don’t want to be a part of it.” He believes that in the modern world, fashion can and should no longer be elite, and has long since expressed his desire to collaborate with fast fashion brands to help him realize this dream of providing good and quality clothing for a wider demographic. Talk about being an #EdgeLord.

The JW Anderson x Uniqlo line will feature 33 pieces for men and women, highlighting the functionality, individuality, and even androgyny that both brands have championed before. Featuring trench coats, jackets, sweaters, and padded tote bags of tartan, striped, woolen and knitted material, these items will roll out in select stores beginning September 22–right on schedule for shopping for your fall and winter travel plans abroad, if it isn’t still raining around that time, that is. Peep some of our faves from the collection below.

Photos courtesy of Uniqlo


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