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Horror icon Sadako shifts careers, is now a YouTuber

Horror icon Sadako shifts careers, is now a YouTuber

Dabbling in other careers is a normal part of adulthood. Folks can shed their 9-to-5s for something more flexible but then, there comes a time when they shift from the object of people’s nightmares to, well, YouTube vlogger. Take Sadako, for example.

Everyone’s favorite long-haired J-horror queen made her YouTube debut with the channel “Sadako no Ido Kurashi,” which translates to “Sadako’s Life.” With her first video published on Mar. 5—Japan’s Sadako Day—the iconic “Ringu” star takes you on a tour of her bedroom, selfie stick in hand. (There’s a well and a TV set! Who would’ve guessed?)

The rest of her recently uploaded videos peek at her busy sched in between terrorizing the lives out of innocent people. In a Q&A vid, she reveals tidbits of her interests such as her fave movie (“Ghostbusters”), book (“Ringu,” no surprise), and manga (“Jujutsu Kaisen”). Sadako also shares her sought-after beauty routine, revealing that, no, she didn’t just wake up like that—she maintains her luscious sleek hair by brushing it often.

And we know what everyone’s wondering: Yes, it’s all official. The YouTube channel was launched by Kadokawa Pictures for the upcoming “Sadako DX.” This marks the latest film in the long-running franchise, which centers on a cursed videotape and a ghost that haunts its viewers.

While her new horror movie is set to premiere in the latter part of the year, YouTuber Sadako has several plans in store for her channel, including Let’s Plays and cooking vids. Maybe she’ll do an AMA about her Dead by Daylight stint, too—just sayin’.

Watch “Sadako’s Life” over on YouTube.

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