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Snapchat Wants You To Think of Its Publishers As Your Friends

Snapchat Wants You To Think of Its Publishers As Your Friends

By Nico Pascual
Images: Recode

Just recently, Snapchat finally announced and delivered on a few of their promises regarding its new Discover feature, where 20+ publishers, including familiar sites such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, and IGN, can be found. This basically means that users can personalize their own Discover page to include only the publishers that they want. You’re not fond of Good Luck America? Then you never have to see it again. 

As users will have the power to subscribe to new content, publishers may have a harder time using this option to reach new users. Both the Stories and Discover page have gotten makeovers, but only the channels you subscribe to will appear on your Stories page.After subscribing to a publisher, you’ll then see their logo appear at the top of the page, along with their latest content. It’s a subtle but clever move on Snapchat’s part, enticing users to view more content from selected publishers in addition to your usual group of friends.


Who knows, you might get used to this new arrangement. Your usual rainbow-spouting snaps from friends will be complimented with news from the other side of the world. The question is: which one will you click on?



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