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The 2017 Millennial Glossary: Which words to keep, which words to trash


As Polonius in Hamlet points out, brevity is the soul of wit. The more concise, the better. The quicker we get to say what we want with our thumbs before the next person in the group chat changes the conversation, the better. Here’s Scout’s glossary of millennial terms, divided by which millennial words should go and which should stay.


Words That Can Stay

Beshie /beSHē/ (noun)

We don’t have the details on origin, but beshie most likely came from beh, or bes, which probably came from best, which is short for best friend. A necessary word today not only for its intended humorous effect, but also for its stress on emotional distance. There are just really some people who aren’t really our best friends, but mean a lot more to us than just friends. That’s probably what the extra “h” is for.

Brodie /brōdē/ (noun)

Bro, dude, man. Also what Russell Westbrook calls himself and his brother. Side note: Russell Westbrook looks a lot like Bodie from The Wire. Is that why he calls himself Brodie?

Ednis /ednis/ (verb)

The word “sinde” inverted, and also has the same meaning: to burn, in most contexts mostly marijuana. Inverting words always has been the Filipino trend in coming up with new slang, and even though some are overused (looking at you, lodi), they’re not going away anytime soon. Be responsible, friends. Don’t get too gobas.

FR (adverb)

Short for “for real.” When someone texts you “I’m with you on this fr fr” you know he’s really with you. You just know it. Literally give me two other letters that when put together make you feel safe.

Receipts /rə’sēts/ (noun)

Anything that can serve as evidence for drama (pictures, screen caps, texts, etc.). “I got receipts” sounds very badass. “I have the evidence” doesn’t.

Tea /tē/ (noun)

Gossip, rumors. Some say, “T stands for the truth.” This word has been around for a long time and it’s staying strong (we can probably thank RuPaul’s Drag Race for that.) There will always be drama, so there will always be tea. To spill, of course.

Trash /traSH/ (noun/adjective)

  1. Another word for garbage. 2. When you’re a big fan of something, e.g. Hamiltrash for fans of “Hamilton.” Both necessary definitions that aren’t always mutually exclusive. One-syllable words are always better.

Trigger /’trigər/ (noun/verb)

Stimulus that can set someone off, possibly to remember certain traumatic experiences or feel anger. We need a singular statement to describe what causes our complex, highly individual reactions to certain things. Our traumas are real; what’s a more succinct way to bring these traumas into a conversation?

Wyd (expression)

Shorthand for “What are you doing?” It’s easy to type, you know what it means, and your parents aren’t using it. Yet. It’s also the perfect mix of slight indifference and slight attention that we constitute as cool.

Yasss  /yasss/ (interjection)

A humorous, sassy way of saying yes. The more s’s there are, the sassier. Let this word live while it’s still fun to hear and read.


Words To Retire

Dab /dab/ (verb)

  1. A dance move borne out of the Atlanta trap scene. 2. A potent form of marijuana. Let the second, legitimate definition stay. Just let this dance craze die already, please. Let’s start by not letting the word ever leave our mouths.

Daddy /’dadē/ (noun)

A slang term from the sex-positive community for an older man. Completely different from a “sugar daddy.” Today, people use the term for any attractive man. Not everyone can be called daddy. Sorry friends, but this word can’t stay if you guys can’t use it correctly.

Dope /dōp/ (adjective)

Something awesome, sometimes a word for marijuana, sometimes meth, sometimes heroin. Sometimes dope isn’t so dope. If everything’s dope, nothing is. Think of another adjective next time.

Hokage /hokage/ (noun)

If you know what this word means in a certain context you’re either trash or you know someone who is. “Ninja/Hokage moves” should die, not just go into retirement.

Hype /hīp/ (noun)

Something to be excited about, something to look forward to. Has ties to streetwear (hence the word hypebeast). Let’s be honest, a lot of hype out there is manufactured. Stop riding the hype trains; sit down and be your own person instead.

LIT AF /litaf/ (adjective)

When something is lit, it’s crazy in a good way. It has a certain grandeur. When something is LIT AF (All caps intended), that thing better be grandiose as hell. Most of the time, it isn’t. Unless you take it literally. A warehouse of fireworks blowing up can be LIT AF then.

Savage /’savij/ (noun/adjective)

Someone who has a lack of restraint, to the point of violence. This was funny when we were being ironic. Real violence isn’t cool. Being a savage isn’t cool. And using a term used by colonizers to justify killing the colonized is definitely not cool.

Swag /swag/ (noun)

A state of being in line with fashionably impressive values, without exerting any effort. It’s 2017. Why does this word still exist?

Thot /THôt/ (noun)

Acronym for That Hoe Over There or Thirsty Hoe Over There. Mostly used by men to describe women who are sexually promiscuous. Like who the hell do you think you are, judging people who are open about their sexuality? Have you ever heard a girl call herself a thot? Please.


Illustrations by Pauline Lapus



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