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Scout Friday Picks: Itos Ledesma

Scout Friday Picks: Itos Ledesma

Best known for being the frontman of four-piece grunge band Yūrei, Itos Ledesma is what you might consider a polyglot of art. A writer, musician, and artist, the Idioterne Inc. and WSK member has always been unafraid to blur the lines between art and music. Currently working on the follow up album to Random Schizoid Godhead Generator that’s rumored to be the band’s last, we picked his brain about his latest listens and he gave us a series of songs under the theme: reconfigured imaginary anatomy, which happens to be aligned with his ongoing debut art exhibit with Lesley-Anne Cao at 98B COLLABoratory.  

When asked why the obscure theme Itos explained, “Because of my warped relationship with my own body and the body of others, as well as the fascination with it. Instead of working towards a vague, obscurantist mysticism, I opt to focus on the physicality of musicthe transmission of vibrations from one body to another.”

Pharmakon — “Vacuum”

“The immediately apparent chasm, the mouth. A violent turn of breath.”

Arca — “Sin Rumbo”

“The small intestine, a labyrinth that moves aimlessly.”

Eli Keszler — “Sudden Laughter, Laughter Without Reason” 

“How wonderful would it be to write a history of laughter, the affirmation of an excess of breath. The lungs refuse to collapse.”

Jenny Hval — “Untamed Region”

“The skin, the blank film that envelops the body, a mesh of innumerable tissues drawn from countless centers of dust.”

Ian William Craig — “Contain (Cedar Version)”

“Sound displaces particles in the atmosphere.”

Burial Hex — “The Most Foolish Son Is Always The Oldest One” 

“The most part most often overlooked is the shadow, the reflection, the double.”

D/P/I — “Semantics”


Elysia Crampton — “Petrichrist”

“Stomach, wherein matter is virulently converted to energy.”

Graham Lambkin — “Glinkamix

“The reconfigured larynx; the most sophisticated sampler is the voice.”

Mount Eerie — “Crow”

“My hands are tired.”



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