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The 2017 Scout Summer Intern Yearbook

The 2017 Scout Summer Intern Yearbook

Look at these cuties! We’ve made it a tradition to make our summer batch of interns special since well, last year, and this year’s batch is a real doozy. For the summer, we counted them as part of our team and had them join us in shoots, events, and even after work shenanigans. Although their sheer number overwhelmed us (They’re twice as many as the last batch) we did our best to give them a taste of what’s it like to work in Scout.

But don’t take our word for it. For their final shoot with us, we arranged a yearbook-esque shoot where they’ll be the ones facing the camera. We also had them share their thoughts on their internship and Scout. Introducing: our 2017 Scout Summer Intern Yearbook.



“[One thing I learned at Scout is] that Soju tastes good with Yakult. Haha, joke! One thing I’ve learned from Scout is that you can always have fun while working. Do what you love, love what you do.


“[My advice for Scout is] keep on being great and challenging social norms!?”


“I think a lot of people my age grew up with a colonial mentality that made us want to leave the country soon as we got our degree, thinking there’s better opportunities abroad. Interning at Scout exposed me to people my age who were passionate about their work and art, operating in the local scene. It’s these same people who will be running our economy in the future with their same work and art, and I’m staying to be a part of that.”

Marc Airelle

“One thing I’ve learned is that you have to be quick, yet efficient. You’ll never know when an interesting story comes up, then before you know it, it’s already old news.”


“In just over 2 months, I can safely say that I’ve familiarized myself enough with how a publication works. It was overall a fun, learning process of churning content, having it approved/published and taking to heart notes and tips from my editors. Word of advice: Arm yourself with the best angles, some wit and humor and a brave spirit to conquer those deadlines!”


“Wanting to be accountable to your audience is a positive characteristic. Critiquing others through your writing doesn’t result in unmanageable backlash.”



“I basically learned that people are fascinating because people are so diverse in terms of thinking, interests, etc. There’s so much more than what’s in your bubble and what you see.”


“Before, I was very anxious of not being good enough for Scout. But then, I learned that I need to believe in myself more to achieve what I really wanted to do. Awow!”


“Most internships, they’ll give you tasks according to what your course is, duh okay.But [Scout’s graphic artist] Grace had me choose careers I would want to venture in in the future and had me experience it: Public Relations, photography, and videography. I now know myself more, my weaknesses and strengths, and what I can do and can improve on.”


“My internship emphasized the fact that there is always something happening out there and there will always be new stories to tell, you just have to know where to look. Our work was to find news and curate interesting things that the team could write about. The social stream moves pretty fast and the internet provides so much material and it offers a whole lot of stories but then the aspect of the reader comes to play. Knowing what they’re interested in makes it easier for you to figure out what might catch their attention. News requires speed, finding interesting stuff to talk about, which needs a lot of deep internet digging lol. It made me trust my research and curating skills even just a bit more.”


“Aside from adapting to the Scout voice and learning how to use embed codes, I also learned that I need to be easier on myself when it comes to my work. It’s good that I took my work seriously, but there was no need for me to put unnecessary pressure on myself.”


“Interning at Scout is a lot of fun, because it lets you do things you want to learn, or helps you step out of your comfort zone. Plus, you get to meet loads of great people. Few places in the real world offer co-workers and bosses you can vibe with on this level.”


“[One thing I learned at Scout is] be prepared to accept whatever tasks are thrown at you even if it is not your forte, and experiment a lot even though it will take time.”


” I am particularly grateful for this Scout internship because it taught me the interpersonal skills needed in this line of work. I think practicing being sociable is just as important as working on your technical skill set because how else would you get to meet potential clients or be part of future collaborations if you don’t speak up?’


“I like interning at Scout for two reasons. The first: The people are all fun to work with, especially my co-interns because I didn’t expect that we became so close and got to hang out, even though we just all met a few months ago. The second: I also like how [the Scout team] trusts their interns in doing articles, shoots, videos, etc. for the magazine.”


“[Scout taught me] that here will always be times when things don’t turn out as planned. Scout taught me to just work with what I’ve got and make the best out of it.”


“My tips for the team? Scout has the potential to become even bigger. You guys have a huge influence on people (especially the young ones) Dive deeper into the void. Roam the sketchy streets more. Find beauty in the common people, in secret places, in secret people. And then tell the kids about that beauty, they need to know.”


“I enjoyed my internship because I got to do awesome stuff with awesome people!”


“[One thing I learned at Scout is that] I learned how to work with other people/creatives and to compromise. I’m used to creating things in my own terms and Scout gave me a new perspective especially in terms of collaboration.”


“It’s definitely an adventure. Scout also allows you to be yourself and trusts you for what you can do and at the same time will help you grow in what you want to be doing.”


“What I like about Scout is that it focuses on a lot of things. Scout tackles all my interests: art, music, film, fashion, etc.”

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