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Last week’s #ScoutFaves: J. Blaze, “Coco,” The Face Shop, Support Your Friends


Lex, editor-in-chief

Support Your Friends’s ‘Coming Together’ pop-up – Something to look forward to this Friday. Support Your Friends is a local clothing brand that’s releasing a new collection at Kapwa Studios on Dec. 2. Like what you see? Come through.

J. Blaze’s “OH LAWD” music video – I always like it when songs have visuals that capture the mood of that song and J. Blaze’s latest music video has the same raw and gritty vibe. Looking forward to hear J. Blaze live sometime soon. He deserves more hits.

Doktor Karayom’s “PNGMYMN” Shirt – More than a year ago I talked to Doktor Karayom through Messenger about his exhibit at CCP back then and last Saturday I finally got to meet the artist at Vinyl on Vinyl’s Market Day. What a humble and down to earth dude. I bought one of his hand painted, one of one t-shirt designs and I’m not sure if I should wear them or hang them on my wall as a display.

Denise, associate editor

Coco – I swear to god, if there’s one animated film you can’t miss this year, it’s Coco. And prepare tissues too–a lot of them. I’m a very family-oriented person and I’ve lost a handful of relatives who mean the world to me, so this movie really hits home. I also loved how much I learned about Mexican culture and how they celebrate Dia de Muertos. Pixar did it so clearly and tastefully. The music was really spot on here, too. Not once did the tracks sound awkward or out of place.

Mindhunter – I clicked on this randomly while browsing through Netflix because I had nothing else to do one night. Best decision ever, TBH. Other than actually seeing Jonathan Groff act in a non-musical, I enjoyed how thrilling and compelling this series is while the main characters try to get into the minds of the most notorious serial killers in a time where the term ‘serial killer’ didn’t even exist yet. It’s directed by David Fincher, so you can imagine the quality of the show. The script and cinematography are on point and the overall theme really makes you think–what makes someone evil?

Grace, senior graphic artist

Manila, Manila, & More
– Launched last Saturday at the Escolta Block Party, this book is the city guide to Manila that we never thought we needed! Brought to us by Raymond Ang’s Made of Bricks and Serious Studio, this tasteful guide is filled with all you need to know about the city of Manila. Tourist or not, this is definitely a must have, so get your copy over at any Powerbooks or National Book Stores near you.

The Face Shop’s Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel – There’s no doubt about how good aloe vera is for the skin. I literally can just spread it all over my face and body and it works like magic! For the holiday season, you can share the skincare magic with your friends and fam by getting them a jar too! The Face Shop has rounded up gift packages that you can gift people with for the holidays, including this aloe vera gel among many others.

Celene, editorial assistant

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