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Find the 2018 planner best suited for your personality


We’re almost at the end of 2017 and y’all know what that means. Nope, not the holidays (but we guess that’s pretty cool too). A bunch of new 2018 planners are up for grabs and we can all attempt to be organized again for the nth time. Seriously though, there’s nothing better than the feeling of a new planner, its shiny, clean pages, and (at least) trying to get your life together.

With the staggering amount of planners available out there, it may be hard to find the perfect fit that’s best for your personality. Should you get that cute Sunnies planner or the hilarious Tita Witty one? Save all your overthinking; we’ve compiled a handy dandy list for you to find your one true match.

For the empowered woman

Woman, Create 365 Wonders Planner – The 365 Wonders planner is a project by the Woman, Create team, a community of female artists, and creatives who encourage us to collaborate with each other. The planner features content and illustrations submitted to them.

How you can get it: Purchase it online here.

Sunnies Agenda 2018 – This weekly planner incorporates the brand’s trademark bright and pastel aesthetic to all of its pages. It’s hardbound and covered in a bright yellow design that gives off that ‘90s vibe from the movie Clueless.

How you can get it: Available at P199 with any Sunnies purchase.

For the coffee and tea lovers

Starbucks Planner – One of the most sought-after planners, the Starbucks 2018 planner comes in two types with brush stroke designs on the cover. The planner also comes with a leather sleeve and an exclusive Starbucks card which gives you a chance to win either 30 or 365 complimentary grande drinks.

How you can get it: Collect 18 stickers by purchasing Starbucks classics and Christmas drinks.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Planner – CBTL’s Giving Journal is on its tenth year and for 2018, its theme is “Leave a Legacy.” It includes pages that focus on one’s self image, life reflections, and purpose. It has three colors–green, gray, and blue, plus a customizable cover for all the creative minds who want to personalize their planner.

How you can get it: Collect 12 stamps by purchasing Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf drinks.

For the travel junkies

Where To Next? – With the theme #OnAssignment (a hashtag used by professional adventurers to document their travels), the Where to Next? planner is specifically made for all of you who have wanderlust
tingling in their bones. It features an undated, weekly layout and a dotted monthly page that lets you be in control of how you want to use the planner.

How to get it: Purchase it online here.

Kulayan Natin Ang Mga Drawing Na Lakad – If you and your friends have ever planned to travel together but ended up cancelling (Drawing na naman?!), this planner is for you. It has a lot of good stuff for travellers–a list of 2018 holidays and long weekends, a Philippine map, a bucket list, and many more. It even has a list of hashtags for all your artsy travel photos!

How you can get it: Purchase it online here.

For the minimalists

BDJ’s Essential Journal – The Essential Journal is perfect for all the minimalists out there who don’t need fancy things on their planners. It’s pretty no-nonsense, with 144 pages of blank spaces for you to customize.

How you can get it: P240 in all National Bookstore, Noteworthy, and Fully Booked branches.

For the jokers

Sana Payat na Lang Ako, Payat Pa Rin, Payat na Lang Ulit and Other Wishes – The famous Tita Witty planner is back and it’s funnier than ever. Inspired by the famous quote from the movie One More Chance (“Sana ako na lang. Ako pa rin. Ako na lang ulit”), it will surely motivate you to get out of bed and go to the gym to bring back that fit version of you. And make you laugh while at it.

How you can get it: Purchase it online here.

By Bea Amador



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