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10 ways to de-stress without breaking the bank


It happens even to the best of us–the physical and mental exhaustion brought by piles and piles of work, peer pressure, and social expectations. We’re stressed about our work, our deadlines, our relationships. Hell, we’re stressed about being stressed. All we want to do is go somewhere far away, preferably to a beach, with a cold bottle of beer, and then chill for the rest of our lives.

But self-care doesn’t always mean an expensive vacation or a full day at the spa. Sometimes, even the smallest things can make you instantly feel better. Here are 10 simple self-care tips to help you get through the rough patches:

1. Sleep in on a Sunday


It’s been a long week filled with meetings and deadlines and finally, it’s a Sunday. So turn off your 6AM alarm. You won’t need it. Roll over to the cool side of your bed and hug your pillows to your heart’s content. Trust us. A good night’s sleep and some extra zzz’s in the morning can help a thousandfold.

2. Clean your room


Decluttering your room might seem like a chore, but the gratifying feeling of seeing your bedroom floor free from any dirt, and the smell of fresh bedsheets are definitely worth the trouble. It’ll seem like you have your whole life figured out.

3. Take a long hot bath


It seems simple–mundane even–but taking an extra long bath after you’ve had a long day will calm your nerves. Light your favorite scented candles and fill the tub with your go-to bath bomb. Soak in all the good vibes and wash off the bad ones.

4. Turn off your gadgets


Plug off from the virtual world and seize the day ahead of you. Talk to your friends, walk around the neighborhood, and listen to your old records. Free yourself from the toxicity of social media and just appreciate everything in front of you.

5. Write down something that you’re grateful for


Despite all the bad juju, let’s not forget to look at the brighter side of things. Maybe you got to work or school on time despite the never-ending traffic in EDSA, or maybe your crush finally said hi to you. Write down all your little triumphs to help you remember that this world isn’t so bad after all.

6. Tell someone that you love them


Saying “I love you” may be hard, but it’s been proven to be a real stress-buster. It makes us feel more empathic, and also strengthens our relationships with other people. So call your mom, your sister, your long-distance friend, and tell them how much you appreciate them.

7. Have your own dance party


Let out all that pent-up frustrations by dancing your heart out while nobody’s watching. Show off all your wacky moves that you’re too afraid to do in public. Dance until your legs give out–for sure you’ll be smiling by the end of it.

8. Eat your favorite dessert


Indulge in that creamy chocolaty goodness that is your favorite chocolate cake. Set aside your reservations, forget about your diet. You deserve this. After all the bitterness that life has given you, you definitely deserve some sweetness.

9. Go for a walk


Working or studying for five straight hours is not only tiresome, but also stressful. Refresh your mind by taking a short leisurely walk outdoors and you’ll come back with more energy.

10. Read a good book


Feel-good books will definitely give you a little pick-me-up when the real world seems too much to handle. Delve into places of magic and mystery, romance, or maybe read a comedy for an easy laugh. Whichever genre you prefer, reading books is a sure way to de-stress.


By Bea Amador



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