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Cheats says their sophomore album ‘Before the Babies’ isn’t about Saab and Jim’s twins


When Cheats released their self-titled debut album two years ago in 2015, it broke records. They brought in a huge crowd like never before to Saguijo, breaking all previous booze sales in the history of the well-known venue. It was arguably the biggest gig that year, and that gig became the gig that opened doors to many more game-changing happenings for the now seven-piece indie rock outfit that is Jim Bacarro on vocals, keys, and guitar, Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Candy Gamos on vocals, Manny Tanglao on bass, Jason Caballa and Kyle Quismundo on guitars, and Enzo Hermosa on drums.

In the following year, Cheats became the first Filipino band to be included in the Asian leg of the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore, sharing the stage with big-name artists like, The 1975, The Internet and CHVRCHES. And more recently, they toured the States with Sandwich and hit up Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong.

Now, having stacked up cred both locally and internationally, Cheats is finally releasing a follow-up sophomore album titled Before the Babies, tomorrow, Dec. 8, at DULO in Poblacion, Makati from 8pm onwards for P500 admission with a copy of the album. Tickets are sold online exclusively here (for limited numbers), so don’t forget to get one before you go, as tickets will not be sold at the door.

A day before they hit the launch, we got to talk to the band about their much-anticipated second release.

So, the title of your album is Before The Babies. Saab and Jim are obviously expecting their twins, but is there anything else in the album that speaks about the name?

Jason: We had Before The Babies as a working title for a while, albeit meant as a joke. There was even an idea to shoot both Saab’s and Candy’s dogs for the cover. And then Saab and Jim announced that they were pregnant, so it ceased being a joke. We felt that this album captured this shared time in our lives. No one during the production of this album was a parent yet. We were all in a common space and we wanted this album to be a remembrance of that.

It’s been two years since your debut album. What new things can we expect in this album?

Jim: I guess it’s a lot more dynamic in terms of style.
Jason: There is nothing as riotous as “Sleepist” or even “Accidents” on this record, but this one varies more in style: there’s a bit of funk in “Glass Mouth,” Smashing Pumpkins grind on “Printers,” and indie pop on “Crumble.”
Enzo: There are 9 songs in the album. All songs were arranged by the band while most of the songs were written by Jim.
Jim: The first album was mostly about quarter life crisis and my frustrations as a musician. I guess now that things are going pretty well, this second album is about worrying that all of this will change. Yup, I’m an anxious guy. “Printers” is the first song in this new record because thematically it’s the only song connected to the previous album.

Now that it’s done, what can you say about the making of the album?

Manny: In terms of song making, it was pretty easy. We had a lot of leftover songs that weren’t included in the first album. It was challenging but fun in terms of arrangement. We wanted to challenge ourselves in changing the sound a bit. The inclusion of new members, Jason and Kyle, definitely helped.
Kyle: The songs have been done for quite some time, but it took awhile to record due to logistics.

Is there a unifying message in album?

Jim: “I don’t wanna waste my time alone.”
Saab: We’ve got a very limited time on this planet — stop wasting it.

The launch has been postponed twice already. Any messages to the fans?

Enzo: They’re the best. Despite two postponements, they’ve been very patient. Thank you, it’s finally happening.
Kyle: The physical album will be released in limited copies so make sure to pre-register!
Manny: They’ll be good bands (Sandwich, She’s Only Sixteen, and Tom’s Story), good drinks and a special long set from us!
Saab: We know it’s limited, but we wanted to make sure that the show is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, so we limited the people due to the venue’s capacity.]

What’s in store for you guys after the launch?

Candy:  More videos and songs! We’re currently recording new stuff and plan to keep sharing our music.

Before the Babies album launch 8pm onwards of Dec. 8, 2017 at DULO, 4992 P. Guanzon St. Barangay Poblacion,Makati City. Tickets are priced at P500 with entrance and album and P700 for entrance and both first and second album. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Pre-register here.

By Celene Sakurako



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