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Here’s the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel that hopefully doesn’t disappoint you

Here’s the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel that hopefully doesn’t disappoint you

Dragons! Blondes! Betrayal! More dragons! Did that take you back to 2019 yet? If you’re still shaking in fury with the memory of “Game of Thrones’” final season, then behold this: a prequel to “GOT”—which might just be the S8 redemption arc.

The folks over at HBO Max recently dropped a quick teaser to “House of the Dragon,” a 10-episode series set 300 years before the timeline of “Game of Thrones.” Based on George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel “Fire and Blood,” the prequel will take on the civil war of House Targaryen dubbed as the Dance of the Dragons, which might spell doom to their family tree.

But if you’ve watched a second of “GOT,” we doubt that will happen—but it might still make for good television. Narrated by Daemon Targaryen as portrayed by “Doctor Who” and “The Crown’s” Matt Smith, the teaser trailer sums up most points a “GOT” production wants to address (“Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood.”), while spliced with some scenes featuring all-new characters. It’s trademark “Thrones,” it’s intriguing, and it’s hopefully not disappointing.

“House of The Dragon” is set to air on HBO Max sometime in 2022. For now, you can see what the buzz is all about below.

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