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Meet the Nike+ Run Club Pacers of Ateneo de Manila University

Meet the Nike+ Run Club Pacers of Ateneo de Manila University

We all have our own different reasons on why we are on the path we are today. It could be incidental or by accident. It could be a result of the small incremental changes we have in life.

Are we taking that path step by step or are we sprinting our way to the finish line? Running shares many parallels with life in the sense that running give you control on your pace and where you want to go. Because here’s the truth that you will find out by yourself the moment you commit to running: It’s all about you.

The Nike+ Run Club is a reminder that our best is always within our reach. Find camaraderie in like-minded Pacers who will run alongside you, and guidance from Coaches helping you take that extra step. Check your progress and measure success your way using the Nike+ Running app. Discover purpose in running. Unleash your inner athlete.

We’ve already met the Nike+ Run Club members of University of the Philippines Diliman. Now let’s get to know more of the runners from the other side of Katipunan–the Nike+ Run Club of Ateneo de Manila University.

Ateneo de Manila University

Morgan Christopher Acol
An animal lover, basketball fan, and BS Management senior, Morgan considers himself a newbie in the lifestyle of running. He picked up running as an alternative for exercise after leaving basketball behind in high school. “What drives me to keep running is my health. I want to flourish.” Despite his busy lifestyle, he’s glad that he can find time to run. “Now that I’m in college, it wasn’t that easy to pick up a ball and play ball. Here I am now, running, since it’s the easiest and most accessible way to exercise.”

Jose Lorenzo B. Angeles III
Hanzo is a big believer in underdogs, which is why he finds companionship in the pain brought by running in a group. “For me, running together feels like a bonding experience, just like a group project where you suffer together. Lalo na when people shout na pagod na sila.” He sees running as a fun yet competitive sport you can have all boy yourself. “Running is a test of yourself and you always want to be better than your previous run, every time.”

Roberto Stefano “Bam” Azores
For Bam, running is more than an activity; it’s an opportunity to connect with people and share passions and advocacies. “As cheesy as it sounds, I find joy in helping people,” he shares. Aside from studying AB Interdisciplinary Studies, he spends his time volunteering for different organizations, and has been a representative for several youth-oriented eco-focused conferences and events.

Bea Batungbacal
A competitive swimmer since she was seven, Bea is now a student-athlete taking up Communications and is also a member of the FAST – Ateneo Swimming Team. Her passion for running stemmed from her passion for swimming. “ In early high school, she started running for endurance which was also a supplement for her gym training. She liked running in particular, however, because of how it made her feel. “I like [running] because there’s no pressure. You can just go on your own pace. I don’t run competitively so I don’t have to make habol or anything.”

Jose Enrique Gomez
Unlike most of his peers, Enrique didn’t have any sports growing up, until he was introduced to running in high school where he hasn’t stopped since. “You wake up, you run, you eat, you sleep, you get back, you run. More than that, it’s part of me. I don’t see myself not running.” In between his org work and his classes as a Political Science major, Enrique enjoys the camaraderie found in running with peers. “It’s technically just you. You can stop at any time. But you won’t, because you have someone there with you.”

Rafael Marchadesch
A senior Life Sciences student, Rafa enjoys nature and considers himself an environmentalist. He carries the same passion when it comes to running, where he got into because of his mother. “I really believe my purpose is to share my passion for running to everyone.“ He considers running an easy routine that helps him clear his mind. “You wake up, put on shoes, run, go back, and then go about your daily life. Just 30-40 minutes is all you need for a good run.”

Moniq Reyes
For Moniq, running is in the family. She and her family participate in marathons together, and they’re all into sports due to her father’s health issues in the past. “You know how they say time flies when you’re having fun? When you’re running with people you enjoy, it’s more of thinking of them rather than the pain you feel in your legs.” As a member of the Ateneo women’s swimming team and also a full time student, Moniq runs to find balance also to relieve stress.

Jose Gabriel Soberano
All it takes is one question about running and you could already tell that Joby is very passionate about it. “Running, even when you’re not competing, is a form of life and is really a part of my lifestyle. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” His interest in running as a competition started really, but it was only with friends in college that he realized the reason that he loved running: for having fun. “I’m here to meet people, I’m here to meet friends, and I’m here to make memories with this group of people.”

Angenine M. Sto. Domingo
A soon-to-be law student and amateur photographer, Gen also has her fair share of team sports, including volleyball and flag football. But running has become her go-to for relieving stress. Whether running alone or with a group, she finds personal redemption in finishing a run. “Sometimes, when you’re feeling down for the day, all you want to do is accomplish something. Running becomes my accomplishment for the day.”

Van Valdez
Co-owner of local clothing brand Tenement and a huge basketball fan, Van can’t say he’s a runner. But don’t think of it as disrespect towards the sport; on the contrary, Van finds his interest in running by how different it is from basketball. “For me, it’s more on getting over the mental hump of trying to finish the race. When you’re playing basketball you have stops, but when you’re running it’s just you, your body, and your mind. It’s a great exercise for me to push myself.”

Ann Villaseran
A team manager for the Ateneo Track and Field Varsity team and the Fitness, Recreation, Sprots, and Health head for her org, ARSA, Ann is well-acquainted with a variety of sports. But her passion for running began when people started discriminating against it. “I have a quote I keep in mind – my sport is your sport’s punishment.” Her eagerness to prove naysayers wrong fuels her run, and after a bout of health problems in the past, she also enjoys running for the fact that she can run.

Want to be part of the Nike+ Run Club? We believe if you have a body, you are a runner. Every run has a purpose. What do you run for?

You know every inch of this campus, and we know every runner is an athlete. Post a photo answering the question on Instagram or on the NRC app to get exclusive access to the grand launch! Make sure to use #NRCLOYOLA, and get to know more about NRC at the #NRCLOYOLA grand launch at Jan. 29. Shoe trialing, Gatorade Pong, and the grand Pacer reveal awaits.

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