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Taylor Swift Finds New Starbucks Lover To Get Along With

Taylor Swift Finds New Starbucks Lover To Get Along With

As hard as we try to get away from it, the unfortunate reality of our present time is that anyone Taylor Swift dates is guaranteed to be semi-national news. Yet here we are, contributing to the madness.

The internet exploded this morning local time when paparazzi photos from British tabloid The Sun revealed Taylor Swift—who juuuust broke up with Calvin Harris a couple of weeks ago—making out with none other than Internet Boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. It’s a volatile mix, pairing someone as currently polarizing as TSwizzle (especially when it comes to her lovelife) with someone as universally beloved in the world as Hiddles.

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If there’s ever a question of why the outrage is a big deal (and we believe it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal), we can probably point to the internet’s sense of protectiveness over Loki. Check out the different reactions to this whole thing:


But really, the best way to deal with this, for some zen in your life:

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