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6 museums to visit for your next art gallery trip

6 museums to visit for your next art gallery trip

One of the best things to do while in Manila actually isn’t only shopping or going to malls. It’s also taking advantage of the cheap museum fees right here in the metro. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in art, culture, and history, but some of these places are actually really fun and interactive, veering away from the traditional museums you normally see. Treat yourself to a day out just museum hopping and check out all these places you can go to with your friends and family.

National Museum of the Philippines

Going to the National Museum is a treat for all history and art enthusiasts. As soon as you enter the premises, you’ll be greeted by the Juan Luna’s famous Spoliarium, which is a large, awe-inspiring piece that is 4 by 7 meters big. The museum has 4 floors, housing artwork from different Filipino national artists and sculptors.

Where: Ermita, Manila

Entrance Fee: Free

Art in Island

One of the newest go-tos in Manila, Art in Island is a museum of optical illusions. The artwork are in 3D, painted on the floor and walls, where you can pose with them and pretend to be a part of the scene.

Where: Cubao, Quezon City

Entrance Fee: P500 for adults, P400 for students

Upside Down Museum

No, we’re not talking about Stranger Things’ Upside Down. Dreaming of standing on the ceiling like Spiderman? The Upside Down Museum is for you. The museum features 15 installations of upside down rooms, where you can make your inverted and kooky dreams come true.

Where: CCP Complex, Pasay City

Entrance Fee: P450

Museum of Miniatures

Visiting the Museum of Miniatures is like experiencing life as a giant. You get to see little houses, people, and even food. The museum started as a hobby by the owner, Aleli Vengua, which became a collection, and later turned into a whole museum.

Where: Bonifacio Avenue, Marikina

Entrance Fee: P75

National Planetarium

Feast your eyes with some heavenly bodies in the newly-opened National Planetarium, where you can watch educational features on celestial bodies, NASA, and other cool outer space things. Despite its small size, the planetarium gives you the complete outer space feel, and you’d just want to spend the rest of your day lounging there, watching the stars above you.

Where: Ermita, Manila

Entrance Fee: P50 for adults, P30 for students

Metropolitan Museum of Manila

The Metropolitan Museum is for people who are into contemporary art. Although they also showcase some pre-colonial pottery and paintings, the museum focuses on curating contemporary art by both Filipino and foreign artists.

Where: BSP Complex, Manila

Entrance Fee: P100


By Bea Amador
Photos courtesy of museums’ official pages


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