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Disney’s upcoming film ‘Encanto’ explores the concept of magic

Casually waiting for the next tearjerker Disney movie? By the looks of “Encanto,” we’re poised for yet another heartwarming family tale.

Disney unveiled the trailer of its newest animated feature film on Sept. 29.  Set in an enchanting place of the same name (which means “charm” or “spell” in Spanish), this movie follows Mirabel (voiced by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” Stephanie Beatriz), a young girl who sees herself as the odd one out in her Colombian family, the Madrigals.

In magical realist fashion, each member of the family is gifted with a special power—from super-strength to understanding animals—except Mirabel. “But mama, why am I the only one that didn’t get a gift?” she asks. However, an unfortunate event twists their fate. As their home (and magic) is put in danger, everyone suddenly relies on Mirabel for salvation. 

Clothed with vibrant colors and enchanting characters, “Encanto” also bursts with original songs from “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda (eight, to be exact). 

The polymath was tapped to make distinct personalities shine on screen, IndieWire reported.  “There are 12 members of this family who all have their own personalities, preoccupations, journeys through the movie,” said screenwriter and director Charise Castro Smith. Different music genres were used to help express their distinct personas.

“Encanto” is set to premiere on Nov. 24, 2021. Watch the trailer here:

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Still from the “Encanto” trailer 


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