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A Manila Magic comeback might be on the horizon

A Manila Magic comeback might be on the horizon

It was around 2016 when we heard the last of electronic pop duo Manila Magic. The pair, composed of members Tim Marquez and Zild Benitez, had just released a music video for their hit single, “In The Night” and racked hundreds of thousands of views. But from there, the boys settled into their separate projects—Tim on One Click Straight and Zild in IV of Spades—until last night.

After a two-year social media silence, Tim and Zild posted a photo of the two with no context, immediately prompting fans to speculate a possible comeback.

The 2017 Wanderband finalists accompanied their teaser with an announcement of their latest gig, Spectrum, happening on April 9.



Whatever the boys have got up their sleeves, we wouldn’t want to miss the magic. As Tim and Zild have proven, they’re not one to be underestimated.


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