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Kelsey Merritt is our (role) model on and off the runway

Kelsey Merritt is our (role) model on and off the runway

Navigating young adulthood isn’t always easy. Growing up, we’re told to follow the traditional blueprint of graduate, start your career, and eventually settle down. However, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Sure, you land a job—not necessarily the one you always dreamed of. Perhaps you even get to move to a new city to start your next chapter. But the reality of it is that you can never really be sure where you’re headed, much less where you want to go.

And so questions of “what now?” or “what am I doing?” end up hitting you like a speeding truck that left you helpless on the sidewalk. The overwhelming uncertainty of “what if this isn’t right for me?” can also be suffocating. But often, it’s the questions you ask yourself that are the hardest to answer. As young adults, every move can feel like you’re fumbling in the dark for a light switch. But if you ask the right questions, the answers will come, and so will that light switch.

Every now and then, though, you come across someone who seems to have everything figured out. As if they’re born with a cheat sheet to life. While we’re all for respecting your own pace, there’s no harm in letting yourself be inspired by these talented individuals, especially when you know they truly put in the work. One such person is 22-year-old model Kelsey Merritt: international model, style icon, and the newest endorser of San Mig Light.

So if you’re feeling stuck, know that if people like Kelsey can do it, so can you. Here are inevitable questions young adults must face, which 22-year-old Kelsey seems to have cracked. Take pointers from this wonder woman and see why she’s a great (role) model on and off the runway.

“How do I align my goals and priorities?”

Kelsey may look like she has all the time to travel now, but it wasn’t always this easy for the fresh Ateneo graduate. When the Wilhelmina Model was still completing her communication degree, she would often have to juggle work with school —whether it meant fighting jetlag to finish a paper or cancelling shoots to take a test. When most people would have dropped out of college to pursue “more important” matters, Kelsey pushed herself to finish her education and managed to graduate with her batch —showing us that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

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“How do I manage all this stress without letting myself go?”

In between shoots with designer label Vera Wang, commercials alongside Gigi Hadid, and more, Kelsey knows that taking care of herself is the key to managing stress. To stay at the top of her game, she strives to maintain the best mental and physical performance. Being healthy isn’t just for models, guys! Despite her hectic schedule, a quick look at her Instagram page will reveal that she always makes time for working out, whether it’s squeezing in a quick cardio sesh or finishing a full pilates class.

? day with @kirkmyersfitness @dogpound ??

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“How do I keep myself grounded?”

If you’re lucky and work hard enough, young adulthood will bring about some achievements you could only dream of before. But whatever happens, it’s important not to lose touch of your roots. One would think that someone like Kelsey would be busy kicking it with the most popular celebrities 24/7, but she often shares in interviews that she actually doesn’t like partying and still hangs out with the same friends. On top of that, she looks like a total daddy’s girl, and proud! It just goes to show that, at the end of the day, the most important thing is the people you share your life with.

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“How do I keep from feeling stuck?”

Kelsey keeps the spice of life by constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Nobody wants to stay stagnant, right? Whether you’re trying a new sport or getting a fresh haircut, there are tons of small but meaningful ways you can grow by doing something you normally wouldn’t.


“Why don’t I feel enough?”

The lows of life are no doubt unavoidable, but as cliché as it sounds, the only thing really in our control is how we react. For Kelsey, she chooses to always look at the brighter side of life. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have.

“Why do I feel burnt out?”

Some days, you really just need to take a step back and relax. For that, there’s no better delight than a friend and a cold beer. Even a supermodel like Kelsey doesn’t deny herself this simple, no-fail luxury. That’s why she’s the newest face of San Mig Light. Fresh, fiercely ambitious, and cool, yet Kelsey knows there’s a time for everything, including giving yourself a chance to let your hair down. You don’t need to wait to be discovered by a multi-national modeling agency to treat yourself. Victories both small and big are always worth drinking to, so don’t be afraid to round up the gang and toast to them together —with nothing less than a bucket of San Mig Light, of course.

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