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6 local brands to check out for your summer essentials

The sun may be hiding behind the clouds the past few days, but this doesn’t mean that summer is over! If you think your summer wardrobe is complete, then you’re wrong. You need to cop these items before they’re gone. Hurry, here comes the sun.

Breezy button-downs from Guppy

Guppy shirts are a fresh take on your dad’s vintage classics. Their concept is inspired by local living: tropical, fun, and colorful. Aiming to promote local travel and lifestyle, each shirt is 100% locally produced with breathable fabric, enabling you to move comfortably under the summer sun. What better way to enjoy the beach than coexist with it? Bonus: The shirts feature coconut buttons instead of regular plastic ones!

Surf-friendly swimwear from Float 

SHOP | The Nida turtleneck suit | X

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Float Swimwear’s advocacy is for the girls out there who want to feel confident by moving comfortably. Wanna look like bombshell while you conquer those waves? Cop their cute rash guard—great for function and fashion. Do you just want to feel the sun without revealing too much? They have the a collection of maillots you can choose from! This shop proves that you don’t have to compromise your comfortability to look and be your best in the beach. Now go own your spirit, because they have you covered!

Piopio’s flowy duo Yakal


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Piopio is a local clothing brand perfect for your bohemian soul. This top and skirt duo is our favourite cop. It is breezy for when you’re walking in the beach, and you’re fashion-ready to attend that party. Works great as individual pieces too: bell bottom jeans with that ruffled crop top, or a simple black tank with the flowy patterned skirt. You’re welcome.

Banig from Halo Halo

This ???? heat !! Keep cool with your banigs. #HaloHaloHome

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What’s the point of rocking your outfit if you can’t rock your surroundings? If you’re particular to the dot like me, then this banig from Halohalo store is perfect for you. Its minimalist design not only fits every outfit, but every environment too. It is made from recycled plastic and its multipurpose feature makes it sure to look good in the beach, the garden, and even your home.

Denuo’s hand-painted bags

One of our proudest moments for this year was our collaboration #artistretasotote project with @ea_rth__ @gravoringo @avggs @chicozapotillaaa ????????Repurposing fabric scraps into oversized canvas totes designed by the artists recirculating what would been harmful waste into something purposeful back into the retail cycle // ONLY 10 pieces per artist for this limited collection. The project supports the artists, #mbypetrescueandsanctuary and the production house that values their seamstresses. We highlight crazy @chicozapotillaaa @chicodead @chicozapotilla today?????? ————— Chico Zapotilla is a multi-disciplinary creative who primarily enjoys photography, pen&ink illustration and toy/jewellery sculpting. Currently based in Makati, Chico spends his days roaming around the city shooting street urchins and their playful environment, creating sculptures or working on his latest artwork. He moonlights on Saturday nights as PuraVida’s photographer. For his collaboration with Denuo, Chico playfully mixes well known popular images with unknown faces, blurring the line with what’s hip and has yet to be seen, unto canvas bags. For more information regarding his work, check out @chicodead (photography) and @chicozapotilla (artworks)————— DM OR VISIT DENUOSTORE.COM FOR FULL PRODUCT LIST

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Ecofriendly store Denuo is proud of their locally made and produced bags, as they support artists while living sustainably. They vow for transparency for their upcoming collections, which gives much deserved credit to hardworking artists. This is a reminder that they should not starve. Be part of their project by copping the beautifully customised bags, perfect for a summer getaway.

Thy Origins’ summer collection

"It's Okay To Be Different" Summer Collection – 2018 • To everyone who might be reading this — you're cut from a different cloth. • For this year's summer collection, we're giving you a reminder that nothing is more precious than our own identity. We dedicate this release to everyone comfortable in their own skin, as well as help everyone who's struggling to, to realize that it's okay not to be like the rest. • It's not necessary to follow each and every wave… Create your own. It can get big. Bigger than the waves in the Bahamian Ocean, stronger than the currents up in the Italian Coast. As nothing will ever be more sweeter this summer, than feeling the warm sand on your feet, eyes on the exhilarating sunset, palm trees cooling down the ocean's breeze before it hits your skin, while knowing they don't make them like you anymore. • Always know you're 1 of 1. IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT. • NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!!! Models: – @borisgotsauce – @lokalforeigner Photographer: – @selagonzales Write Up: – James Emmanuel Garcia #thyorigins #itsokaytobedifferent #summer #putonlocal

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Your neighbourhood streetwear came up with its summer collection. If you wanna be true to your street nature, while enjoying nature then this freshest apparel is for you. Their newest shirts feature graphics of local living. Be the islander you want; cop this on their release today!


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