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Unique Salonga leaves IV OF SPADES


In an announcement signed by Zild Benitez, Badjao de Castro, and Blaster Silonga, IV OF SPADES reveal that their lead vocalist Unique Salonga has left the band.

“Yesterday, May 4, we finally had the chance to talk as a band. Unique Salonga officially left the band to continue personal endeavors,” says the announcement posted as an image on the band’s social media pages. Unique has not performed with the band since early April.

Unique’s absence has spun several negative reactions from their fans trying to figure out why following their previous announcement that they won’t disband dated April 17, 



Zild, Blaster, and Badjao will continue on as IV of Spades. They are set to perform later today at The Rest Is Noise: Summer Noise at Century City Mall.

In the same announcement dated April 17, they have also announced that they are working on an album that is set to release this year.

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