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This cute look book mixes sarcastic humor and Wong Kar-Wai


Look books and fashion editorials have been done again and again when it comes to a clothing brands. The brand’s desire to create an experience that potential customers can identify with manifests in pretty models wearing stylish clothing in loud backgrounds, and sometimes that does appear as boring as it sounds.

But there are brands that break this formula to get the attention they need. It takes a novel idea, a new perspective, or good photos to make a look book striking. Banquetta PH, an upcoming clothing brand, did all three. Inspired by Wong Kar-Wai and infused with a Filipino sense of humor, Banquetta’s “In the mood for Lugaw” look book wins the internet today.

Take a look:

Banquetta – In the Mood for Lugaw

Describing itself as “Curated clothing inspired by cinema, infused with 2 shots of homo-street humor,” Banquetta PH has everyone looking in their direction. Hope they keep it up.

photos by Banquetta PH



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