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Summer Noise 2018 was really, really great

Summer Noise 2018 was really, really great

Summer Noise 2018 is lowkey one of the best feats in gig production right now. Spectacular in its own way, yes, but also genuinely thrilling in terms of the breadth of performers and amazing in terms of pulling it all off. This year’s production is a lowkey music festival indoors, AC blasting from every direction, people also packed in every direction, and a deep pocket of performers under various genres all in one night.

The lineup featured local artists in the Philippines including Ruru, Clara Benin, Pedicab, Tide/Edit, Oh! Flamingo, IV OF SPADES, BP Valenzuela, She’s only Sixteen, UPRISING, Dicta License, Muni-muni, Mandaue Nights, The Ransom Collective, Tiger Pussy, and Tom’s Story. A highlight of Summer Noise was the inclusion of key international artists from Southeast Asia: The Sleeves from Hongkong, Permanence from Singapore and X0809 from Thailand.

We list down why this event was notable in our eyes:

SEA acts banding together

It’s always a great plus when a music festival features great acts from neighboring countries who share we share familiar cultures with. From Hong Kong’s The Sleeves, to Thailand’s electro-pop duo X0809, and Singapore’s Permanence these bands brought their sounds rocked the house down and proved how popping South-East Asia’s indie music scene is!

IV of Spades officially without Unique

Summer Noise stage was officially IV Of Spades’ debut as a three-piece band following their announcement that frontman Unique Salonga has left the group, that Saturday morning. Rest assured that our wounds are still fresh from Unique’s departure, and we had no choice left but dance our broken hearts out to their set and embraced the new trio.

A showcase of diverse genres

In keeping with tradition with The Rest Is Noise gigs, Summer Noise showcased a wide-array of diverse genre that graced on its stage as testament to good taste and unparalleled knowledge. Imagine being a local music festival where The Ransom Collective, followed hip hop collective UPRISING. Only on Summer Noise.

The production value

The production quality was top notch. The order of the performers is arranged in a way that’s very natural. The flow of the crowd isn’t disrupted or disturbed; there is a huge consideration towards the enjoyment of the audience. You know the organizers themselves are not only knowledgeable about the acts they included in the lineup, but also care about what the audience will experience throughout the show.

We’re excited for what The Rest Is Noise has up their sleeves for the rest of the year!

by Maria Grant and Sebastian Almirol
Photos by Sebastian Almirol and Boris Garcia



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