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If you’re not wearing “dad sneakers” you’re missing out


When it comes to style, you either like it or you don’t. There is a global wave of chunky sneakers turning in vogue — the Balenciaga Triple S, Raf Simons Ozweego, and the classic Skechers D’Lites —when the response from the local streetwear enthusiasts would probably be a resounding no if they’d include it in their daily rotation.

Yes, they look like something straight from your dad’s wardrobe, paired with washed dad jeans and worn out dad cap, but dad caps are in fashion, and the loose, light-washed dad jeans are also a comeback to the silhouettes of the ’90s, which are also in fashion right now. The return of the chunky, beefy, hella comfy dad sneaker isn’t just a return to the retro for the sake of nostalgia, nor is it an item of desire for the sake of trendsetting.  It is also a response to the growing athleisure and bigger-than-life clothing styles that everyone’s picking up right now. It just makes visual sense.

Try it on, get a feel of how comfy it is, and step outside to hang out with your pals. They can laugh all they want, but eventually they will cave in too— to the comfort, to the bafflingly groundbreaking clash of styles. You’re dripping with non-ironic cool, and they’re all raving to get a bite sooner or later.



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