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16 pieces of advice on how to start your own streetwear brand

Streetwear is a billion dollar business, if we’re going to follow the net worth of Supreme. It’s no surprise that a lot of kids try to create their own brands to get a slice of that cake.

Interested in making your own streetwear brand? Looking for some words of wisdom? We asked entrepreneurs, creatives, and brand directors—people from the scene—about what advice they can give newcomers. Here’s all the streetwear brand advice you could ever need:

“Build a strong foundation, an undestructible core that will define your brand or entity. Learn the process as much as you can with no excuses because at the end of the day nothing beats authenticity.” – MONG FELICIANO, creative director/founder at KLTRD, PURVEYR Creatives


“Outwork everyone.”

VINCE JAVIER, Don’t Blame The Kids Co., co-founder


“It’s not easy. Dont be fooled by the idea that having your own label will get you instant cool points. It’s really the love of making things you feel no one has been doing and sticking to your own style.” GREYS, owner, Mellow Fellows

“Please yourself first. What it means is for me is to fully understand what you want and don’t want. That way you can stick to what your brand stands for without swerving over trends.”

FRENCH ANDICO, creative director, REVERE

“Be authentic and true. References are cool and all, but don’t use words or imagery you don’t understand. Its so easy to see through something fake these days. Also, be nice to people — to peers, to customers, and suppliers. It’s a small industry and being nice goes a long way.” – PAULO REYES, founder, MHC

“Always trust your vision. Passion over fame.” – JEG NEALEGA, co-owner, Populace

“Be ready to put in the work. There’s a lot to consider when creating something in its early stages. You have to set a system in place that will make whatever you conceptualize into it materializing. From designing mock ups, to working with suppliers, marketing, warehousing, distribution, legal, bookkeeping for your accounts, etc. Basically creating an infrastructure that you can build on. Once you set a plan, then set small goals in a timely manner (ex: every week) follow that schedule – at the end of the process, is the fruits of your labor.” – GEORGE BALOBALO, store manager, Commonwealth

“Do better than the box logo. Stay true to yourself. The rest will follow.” – TOCH BARREIRO, H&F Retail Concepts, Inc.

“You don’t have to be ordinary just to fit in. Express yourself in ways that no one else can. And always remind yourself that fear kills dreams more than failure ever will.” – JOSHUA VILLANUEVA, To Seventh Heaven founder and director

“Don’t skip steps.” – FINN, co-owner, NOBODY

“Always be honest to yourself. Make things you want to do, not what the people or hype demand you to.” – ANGELO ALPASAN, A Murder Of Crows

“Sincerity and kindness.” – RIK RASOS, creative director, Proudrace

“Create things that are relatable and close to your heart. Make it as if you wanted it to be a canvas for your art.” – EARL ROXAS, creative director, Quasi-

“Know how the whole process works and be fully immersed in it. From brainstorming/conceptualizing, buying fabric/raw materials, overseeing the printing, up until selling your garments and communicating with your brand supporters.” – CARLOS NAGUIT, Royalty

“Alamin mo kung ano papasukin mo.. yung kultura, eksena, sining, at yung mga taong naka paligid sayo.” – JONAS DIZON, Hysteria Supply

“Don’t do it for the sales.” – RANIEL MORALETA, creative director, Wednesday

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