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You can now curate your feed better with Instagram mute button

It happens: You like a post, you follow, then they don’t deliver. Unfollowing, however, is out of the question because you don’t want to be /rude/. In today’s age, social media reeks off real life interaction, and a simple unfollow means more than its simplicity. You wouldn’t want to stir trouble up just because what they post is not within your liking, you’d rather ease it, everyday, scrolling a little bit faster than usual.

With the new IG mute button, you can curate your feed better without virtually offending anyone! While it’s sad to think that society has resorted to this kind of petty, the mute button is a blessing in an internet era. You can finally appreciate instagram to its full potential: a feed so pure you can waste more hours in a day scrolling rather than working. 

Thanks, internet. <3

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