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How to celebrate Christmas the millennial way

How to celebrate Christmas the millennial way

It’s that time of the year again when all you can hear is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” On the radio, at the mall, at your friend’s house. It’s everywhere, really. But you don’t mind. Because, we all know Christmas only comes once a year, or once a season (for us Filipinos especially). Now, these songs may help you get in the festive mood, but here’s you can get an extra kick of that Christmas-y feel.


Vamp up your Twitter 

Admit it, social media plays a huge part in our lives. It’s basically, you, but you know, online. And since it’s Christmas, well, why not change your name into something more festive, or add a Christmas themed emoji. Here’s a few: ?, ?, ? , and ?.


Binge watch on Christmas episodes 

We all know that Christmas time = Christmas episodes. When you’re on holiday, so are most of your favorite TV shows. There’s way too many Christmas episodes to list down all here, but my go-to is Friends’ “The One With The Routine,” where Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel try look for Monica’s Christmas gifts to them.


Go all out on online shopping

It’s the holidays. What better way to celebrate than to splurge on some “Christmas shopping.” I mean everyone deserves to feel special for the holidays. So, go on. Let that Christmas traffic work for you, and click, click, click through the online shops that are open 24/7. All it takes is just one click.

Visit ’em bazaars!

If online shopping isn’t your thing, then why not go to a Christmas bazaar? Yeah, traffic. We know, but the great thing about bazaars is that they’re usually cheaper than your average retail price. And, also, no need to pay for that extra shipping, or worry about your package getting to you on time. Don’t know where to go? We got you. Check out our list of upcoming Christmas bazaars here.

Grab that ugly Christmas sweater

Red or green, sparkly or shiny, naughty or nice…Who cares? It’s the holidays! Dust off that dirt from that ugly Christmas sweater your tita gave you a few Christmases ago, and rock it. Heck, get a star to put on your head even.


Host an impromptu Airbnb Christmas party

No need to throw a rager for the sake of Christmas, all you got to do is invite a few friends over for a post noche buena sleepover.  And what’s better than having friends at yours? Having friends at another’s home. Ditch the family houses you’ve been staying in for years, and go on Airbnb to find that dream home.

Holiday weight gain who?

Okay, seriously, who cares about gaining weight during the holidays? It’s pretty much the perfect excuse to go all out on food. No ragrets! You deserve to eat after all the stress you’ve went through this year. Gym season’s always for January anyway.

By Jessa Marie Barbosa
Photo header from Home Alone / Chris Colombus


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