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#ScoutFaves: GOLF Le FLEUR*, SupportYourFriends, Nikki Alfar

#ScoutFaves: GOLF Le FLEUR*, SupportYourFriends, Nikki Alfar

What’s good? #ScoutFaves, our weekly roundup of what we like from the past week, is back. Enjoy.

Lex, Editor in Chief, @lexcereal

Quasi- Bloom Tee – This is my first piece from Quasi- and I’m happy I have this for two reasons: One, the oversized silhouette fits snug on me. Two, I like clothes that have a reason why they were made aside from for profit. Learn more about it here.

SupportYourFriends – SS18 tee – SupportYourFriends is back with a new collection, and I like this piece in particular because of it’s look. Not too formal nor flash, it’s something to add to my weekly rotation.

Bryan, Graphic Artist, @bryansochayseng

UNSCHLD six panel strap back hat (eggplant wool) – I don’t really wear hats a lot on a daily basis so when I get one I wanna invest in something that’ll last me a long time. Specially because it’s something I’lll be using for days I need it. This hat from UNSCHLD is perfect in terms of durability and also it looks pretty sick with the eggplant color-way.

Converse one star Golf Le FLEUR two-toned – I’ve always loved the one stars from converse. They’re one of the most comfortable silhouettes that converse has and I think the perfect skate shoe because it’s really durable and just feels right on a board. I’ve used a couple ones before but this is more special because of the collaboration with Tyler the creator on the design of it. the purple and green one stood out to me and i think it’ll look even more better once i break them in and give em a little wear and tear. Shouts again to Converse for these.

Nina, Editorial Assistant, @killingmoonz

WonderLust by Nikki Alfar – I love this book because it’s silly and sentimental at the same time. Intertwining everyday events and wondrous elements like spies and zombies, it is a daydream away from reality. The use of imagery is so effective, and reading through every chapter feels a visual journey. Will read again. And three more times after.

Autoboy D5 – This subaquatic panoramic 35mm film camera is a travel essential. With its hard case and waterproof features, you don’t have to compromise having fun and being a little bit clumsy (reckless) during out-of-town trips.

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