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Here’s my experience with Fortnite: from evading to falling in love


With Battle Royale Games taking the online gaming community by storm, two games have stood out among the rest: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Although I’m a player of both these, I’ve recently decided on a favorite and let me dig deeper in this conversation.

Admittedly, Fortnite has won the hearts of many and has established itself as one of the influential games within the past year (if not the most). Everyone’s simply nuts about it because of its familiar yet unique design and approach. To keep it short and simple, its as if PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Minecraft had a baby.

Its popularity can not be denied with celebrities such as Drake and athletes like Ben Simmons proudly announcing themselves as casual players of the game. As a gamer who still hasn’t graduated from college, Fortnite‘s lively graphics has helped me relax from all the stress from schoolwork. Let me give you some reasons why you should give it a go:


It’s completely free

Well if you’re on a budget and you’re still relying on your parents for allowance, I have some good news for you: the game is completely free of charge. The game is very generous when it comes to gifts, but just like any other game, you can buy cosmetic items to make your character way sexier cooler.


PC, PS4, XBOX? No problem

If you’re worried that you won’t get to play with your friends due to console/platform differences, Fortnite’s got you covered. You and your friends don’t have to suffer or worry about getting the game on the same medium anymore. So if you’re comfortable with using a PC and your friends are more comfortable playing on console, you can just meet each other in Tilted Towers. The cross-platform feature definitely gives it both the convenience and thrill.


Easy to learn and hard to master

The game is significantly more difficult as compared to its predecessors such as PUBG but the fact that it’s more action-packed makes it harder to stop playing. It has a smaller map, wackier weapons, and whole different take on shooting and beating opponents. Imagine: instead of looking for cover, you build your own defenses. Here, you’re Bob the Builder with an assault rifle (how great is that?). Even though losing sucks, as it normally does, the game is just completely fun regardless if you lose or win, which is rare for PVPs nowadays.


It gets personal, in a good way

If I were to be honest, I thought Fortnite sucked balls and was just a rip-off of PUBG. Many have this misconception, especially after seeing it all over your timeline with memes coming in from left and right. As a pride-filled dweeb, I told myself never in a million years will I give it a shot.

After a single match, Drake’s “God’s Plan” rang in my head because HOLY SHIT–this game is legit.

Eventually, I swallowed my words after a few friends forced convinced me to give it a go. After a single match, Drake’s “God’s Plan” rang in my head because HOLY SHIT–this game is legit. The game is paced faster as compared to PUBG, minimizing the play time significantly. The map is smaller and more compressed forcing players to engage in combat more immediately. The game also isn’t too luck-based with everyone getting a fair chance of looting wherever they land on the map. Wherever you are, everyone gets an equal chance of winning it all. Regardless if they’re weapons or random items, all materials in the game give you an ‘arcade’ type of fun and not a lot of games give you that.

The game also made my friendships more colorful. Fortnite helped me bond with my girlfriend. No more “DOTA or Ako,” because this game is appealing regardless of gender. Plus, I’m in a mini-long distance relationship with my girlfriend who lives in South and while I’m from the North. Both of us are Mac users and we wanted something to bond over while we weren’t together. Fortnite which works on Mac has given us a new unique way to bond. After a night out, we usually have 2-hour Fortnite sessions either before, after, or in-between our dates.



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