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Five items you need to cop from the new Crayola makeup line

Five items you need to cop from the new Crayola makeup line

Let’s go back to early 2000’s school days–the prime of janky butterfly clips, beaded bracelets, and anything in vivid colors, really. It feels too old a memory when the coolest thing to ever own was not an iPhone but a 64-shade Crayola box. As kids become young adults, this became a distant memory. No one ever hardly pulls up their crayon sets at parties.

Two days ago, Crayola came up with a way to revitalize this decade-old relationship by releasing a makeup line. And yes, they come in your favorite solid palette. Here are our picks from the new line.


Crayola Lip & Cheek Crayon – Strawberry

With a strawberry-shade lip & cheek crayon, you can fulfil what seemed like a rebellious act for an 8 year old. Coming to your doorstep shaped like an actual Crayola, you can relive pre-teen years and pretend you’re rummaging through you mom’s bag trying to get into makeup.

Cop it here.


Crayola Eyeshadow Palette Warm Nudes

This one is more of a compromise. The warm nudes allow you to be playful without looking like you’re back in kindergarten. It provides the perfect balance of mature and youthful.

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Crayola Customisable Lip Palette

Looking like your typical watercolor palette, this one is a must-have. Its creamy, silky texture makes it easy to blend. You can even come up with your own shades, so channel that youngin’ full of wonder and creativity.

Cop it here.


Crayola Face Crayon – Dandelion

The color yellow might have had its peak on clothing already, but makeup is a whole different world. The pigmented dandelion-shade is the best way to make a simple outfit striking. Also shaped like a crayon, applying it is another kind of fun.

Cop it here.


Crayola Mascara – Turquoise Blue

Who says vivid brights are only exclusive on skin? This mascara lets your eyelashes flicker with glam, because if you’re going for pigment, why not go all out?

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