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OJK’s second collection was inspired by “Cannibal Holocaust”

OJK’s second collection was inspired by “Cannibal Holocaust”

Fashion designer Johan Kyle Ong releases a follow up his debut collection with a new look book, featuring his all-too-familiar DIY take on leather and denim pieces.

The look book, shot by Paolo Crodua, features Johan and his high school friends in a theme park. Just like his last collection’s look book, it’s also a portrait of Gen Z at their most intimate and listless, which makes the collection that more appealing.

We ask Johan Kyle a couple of questions about his latest release:

What’s the inspiration behind the collection?

I was inspired by many retro cult horror/slasher films (Yes, that includes Cannibal Holocaust.) People look at the garments and are surprised to see them staring back at them. Faces and human body features have been a huge part of the collection. It breathes a more literal and maybe, relatable form of life into the clothes. The same as for every collection, anyone who comes across the magnetic pieces will be left looking at them, loving them, or desperate to come up with an opinion.

Why shoot at a theme park?

Paolo and I decided to shoot in an amusement park since we thought my friends would enjoy it and the elements altogether would give OJK a new dimension. An amusement park could be cliché but I trust Paolo’s photographic sensibility.

Where can we purchase the pieces?

You can order through Instagram at Johan__Kyle, or email me at [email protected]. Most of the pieces shown in the campaign had already been sold, but I’ll always be having new collections and drops so be sure to keep an eye out!

Check the look book below:



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