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Anyway, here’s ‘Roque Shippuden Opening!’ to ruin your morning


We all have our own coping mechanisms during this quarantine. From binging on TV series while the world is falling apart to lurking in our fave dating apps to find quaranflings, we traded our 2020 vision with 2020 survival. 2020 is an absurd year of socio-political clownery and we’re all just trying to get out of it in one piece. 

Here in SCOUT we cope with the absurd (’cause we have no choice). Everybody, meet “Roque Shippuden Opening!”—the anime intro of our collective nightmares. 

Uploaded on July 7, animator Pol made a rather unique state of the nation hot take (so far). Who’s the titular character you ask? Well, it’s none other than Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque himself. It features our fave press con side characters Atty. Salvador Panelo, Sen. Ronaldo “Bato” Dela Rosa, Sen. Bong Go and even a special appearance from our Facebook news feed’s former mainstay Mocha Uson. 

Aside from keeping us up to speed with our country’s current events, it fulfills our collective desire for 2020 to be just a bad shippuden plot. The animation is impressive. But god, can someone rewrite the plot for 2020? 

Watch the opening below:

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Still from “Roque Shippuden Opening!”



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