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This local brand is giving techwear a comeback

This local brand is giving techwear a comeback

Is techwear a thing in our country? The marriage between sleek style and a function-first mindset in techwear seems to be ideal for our climate.

Taking cues from techwear frontrunners like ACRONYM, Aogiri (stylized as “A O G I R I”) introduces a collection of monochromatic pieces we can see ourselves wearing in the everyday. Why? Number one, just look at the pockets. Number two, it looks hella fresh.

But what does Aogiri mean? Is it a Tokyo Ghoul reference? With the brand subtly but cleanly showing up on our social media feeds we can’t help but find out more about the brand.

Complementing the collection release via social media is a short film directed by Joey Arte and featuring music by Similarobjects.

It’s an impressive release, and a good break from the current direction local brands are heading at the moment.

If you’re looking forward to cop, check Aogiri out here.





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