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The “What The Fluff” challenge is a blessing to dog lovers like me

The “What The Fluff” challenge is a blessing to dog lovers like me

People are going crazy over this new Instagram craze. We can’t deny it–we’re coocoo about it too, and for all the right reasons. We’re all guilty for scrolling through Instagram during stressful days. We can’t help but harass the like button when we come across something cute. The “What The Fluff” challenge gives you just about the good giggles to vanish negative energy, especially if you love dogs.

The challenge involves a magic trick for the pooches, which leaves them an adorable confused face. To start off, the owners have their dogs get a full view of the show. The owner then holds a tall blanket fully covering their body, and repeatedly teases to drop the blanket. The dogs, assuming their owners are behind the cover, freak out once their humans disappear into thin air. This can be achieved easily by quickly running into another room. Unfailingly, the “What The Fluff” challenge leaves the fluff balls into a crazy, confused state and we’re all obsessed.

Watch the videos below for some priceless reactions.

Although this originated as an adorable dog owner’s challenge, some twists were met along the way. Crack yourself up with some of these spins on “What The Fluff” challenge.

Bear and Momo do the What The Fluff Challenge (sound on)! ??

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