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This 360° animated short gives you a glimpse of Martial Law

Joel Casimiro, virtual reality artist, has dropped a teaser for an upcoming short. The Facebook post contains a scene of the augmented reality through a full 360° view. This means looking around grants you an entire area of reality through art. Of course, you can achieve this by turning your phone up and down, left and right.

Combining this modern technology with the heavy political crisis in the Philippines, Casimiro creates an animated spherical world depicting Martial Law. While it sounds traumatic, the project might just be the right push Filipinos are in need of. Perhaps fully immersing people in the struggles of Martial Law victims means transmitting empathy and fuelling revolution.

After all, history is repeating itself and sitting around means letting it happen. Again. This is what modern day activism looks like, and we can’t wait until the full project is released.

Let this virtual reality inspire you to take action, before it becomes real.

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