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Parents, this is how you should support your millennial kids



Generational gaps: Perhaps the worst root cause of arguments between parents and their children. It’s also what probably lead to the reputation of Millennials and Gen Z-ers today. You know what we’re talking about; the preconceived notions of Millennials and Gen Z-ers being arrogant, spoiled, and “malaki ang ulo.” The same goes with the parents, who are also seen as equally arrogant and less progressive.

You know what we need? More meaningful conversations between parents and their children, and less deflections.

Knorr’s latest commercial hits this issue right on the head while uncovering the complexities that stop meaningful conversations from happening. Watch it below:

The short film presents the curious dynamic between a specific relationship: mother and son, with the son on the brink of a career milestone. The mother supports the son through pamahiin and the son indulges.

And it’s not that relying on pamahiins are inherently wrong, but there are other ways for families to connect to despite the differences that they have. Case in point: food, a universal language that everyone shares.

WIth a heartwarming bowl of tinola, the mother didn’t only share her support for her son but also set the mood for an equally heartwarming conversation to take place.

Parents, us kids want nothing more than to make you proud. But in our fear of disappointing you sometimes we close ourselves off. Bear with us, and take the first step to having an honest conversation with us, maybe over a warm bowl of tinola. We’ll both leave fulfilled.



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