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Can someone explain to me WTF these tarps are about?

Can someone explain to me WTF these tarps are about?

Earlier today, images of tarpaulins hung in Metro Manila foot bridges saying “Welcome to the Philippines, province of China” surfaced on social media, two years after the result of historic Philippines vs. China/South China Sea Arbitration case.

Some reports shared that the tarps were seen across Metro Manila, especially along the main roads, indicating that this was an organized act by a group of people.

People who saw the tarpaulins were quick to resort to social media to share their thoughts. The reception towards the tarps have been mostly negative, and most were outraged rather than confused.

Who would do this? It could be anyone from the “dilawan” to the “DDS,” according to the branching social media threads surrounding the act. It’s important to not jump into any conclusions into the matter; the tarpaulins may as well be erected to elicit this sort of finger pointing, which could lead to increased racist behavior towards the Chinese people. Let’s be level-headed here people.


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