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Here’s a reminder that rape only happens because of rapists

Here’s a reminder that rape only happens because of rapists

In a Facebook post by Angono Police yesterday, a list of things that women should follow to supposedly avoid rape was presented. The list included not dressing in short clothing, not walking in dimly lit places at night, not drinking alcohol and more.

This quickly angered the internet as the post is guilty of victim-blaming. Instead of punishing the rapist, the post suggested that it is the fault of the woman for getting raped. In an age moving towards feminism, the post is blatantly insensitive and wrong in so many ways.

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GABRIELA, a national alliance of women, is quick to respond to this atrocity. They deleted the linear and restrictive rules, and simply put “Do not rape.”

This is a reminder that criminals should be held accountable for their wrong-doings. Victims, on the other hand, need support and understanding more than anything else. The only reason why rape happens is because there are rapists.

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