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These 13 retired PDEA dogs need a forever home


K9 dogs, just like humans, need to retire, too.

On Aug. 8, Wednesday, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) posted a gallery of dogs up for adoption on Facebook, which quickly went viral with hundreds expressing their interest.

With their strong sense of smell, these dogs prove to be effective in seeking out narcotics. However, there comes a time when they also need to enjoy life’s casual joys like any other dog—or human for that matter. “The following Narcotic Detection Dogs have greatly helped PDEA in executing its duties to rid our country of illegal drugs. These dogs who are now retired, need a family and a forever home where they will be treated as heroes and simply be dogs,” PDEA captioned in the Facebook post.

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In the album, PDEA also included each dog’s breed, age, temperament, interaction with humans, and current medical condition. While most are healthy, some are in need of continuous veterinary attention. Snoopy, for example, is a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois who needs regular medication due to urinary incontinence. Despite that, she is well-behaved and is good with adults.

With many online users expressing interest, PDEA uploaded an online adoption form. In the form, adopters need to comply with giving the dogs necessary veterinary care, appropriate shelter, adequate food, and humane treatment. Bernie Velasquez, chief handler of the K9 facility, said those interested will have to undergo thorough screening.

The application form can be downloaded here. You can also opt to go directly to the PDEA main headquarters along NIA Northside Road in Barangay Pinyahan, Quezon City.

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